4661m2 - Art in prison

“4661m2 - Art in prison” - Series of mural paintings realized inside the Lenzburg prison (CH), on the borders walls and into a walking area, 2013. The project was curated by Malik and Claude “Note” Luethi, and involved many artists: Malik, Note, Onur, Chromeo, Shark, Ata Bozaci, Robert Proch, Nevercrew, Mizzo, Daniel Zeltner, David Monllor, Benjamin Solt, Lain, Ti, Sarah Parsons.

Lenzburg prison, walking area - indoor
Lenzburg prison, border walls - outdoor
"4661m2 - Art in prison"
Book that shows the entire project from its beginning, with interviews, work in progress pictures and many other contents.
“4661m2 - The impression of freedom” documentary by Valerie Gudenus (Polymorph Pictures, 2014)